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Treated Silk

About Mila's Cosmetics & Spa

Here at Milas Cosmetics we work with the highest quality of products our main ingredients are collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, stem cells, black truffle, caviar, 24 karat gold, diamond dust and glycerin all our products are made in the US and approved by the FDA everything. We use here at Milas Cosmetics is paraben free tested And recommended by dermatologist we don’t use any chemicals or parabens in our products and everything is hypoallergenic.


"I'd love to introduce you to my dream team of professional, nurturing, and sweet estheticians.

Together we make a team of strong, devoted, and passionate women, who will give 100% of ourselves to make our beautiful customers happy, shiny and satisfied with outstanding lush and sheer faces!"

Sincerely yours, Mary


New customer? 

Enjoy a whopping 50% discount on all services summer special one per customer only by applying the coupon code 'mila50'

We will contact you to schedule a treatment.


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